Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LID Ordinance Update

LID Ordinance Update

The Energy & Environment Committee did not move the Low Impact Development ordinance today, rather they scheduled another meeting for next Tuesday, 12/14.  Chair Jan Perry also asked for CLA and COA staff reports.  The CLA report will address technical questions and CAO will address any fiscal impacts.

The good news is that our message to pass LID by the end of the year was heard.  Councilmember Perry asked that it be scheduled for the 12/17 city council meeting, which is possible because the Planning & Land Use Committee has waived their hearing. 

Councilmember Krekorian was very strong in his support for LID noting that we have to reduce our dependence on imported water.   Councilmember Koretz echoed Krekorian’s sentiments and will be supportive.  Alarcon and Cardenas, the other two committee members were absent today.

Green LA members and allies turned out very strong today!   Supporters outnumbered the opposition 4 to 1.  Over 20 supporters spoke providing excellent testimony on the benefits of LID.  Thanks to all who  came today including:  Marcus Castain, Generation Water; Paul Herzog, Surfrider Foundation; Pam Berstler, Green Gardeners Group; Greg Reitz, Rethink Development; Mott Smith, Civic Enterprise; Chris McKibbon, Mar Vista Community Council; Raul Anorve, IDEPSCA; Ed Beldon, LASGRWC; Jason Elias, SEIU Local 721; Elva Yanez, Latino Urban Forum; Sean Berquist, SMBRC; Will Wright, AIA, Tom Erb, LADWP.

STAY TUNED for further instructions.

Stephanie Taylor
Managing Director
Green LA Coalition
Project of Community Partners