Friday, May 21, 2010

SB 375

Thanks for your thoughts, Rich.  You may be right about the idea that climate change is going to happen naturally with us or without us.  However, much in the same way that the horse is no longer as relevant today to one's personal mobility as it once was 100+ years ago, I have a tendency to see the automobile as slowly becoming less and less relevant over the course of the next 100+ years.  Who knows - perhaps we will return to the modality of the horse.  Or, perhaps as a culture we will develop new behaviors and new technologies empowering economies yet to be defined (or even perceived).

Nevertheless, in my opinion, SB 375 if used effectively as a planning and resource management tool may benefit the State with more effective (and economically efficient) land-use patterns.   

In the 1840's, decisions were made to build transcontinental railroads.  In the 1950's, decisions were made to build the interstate highway system.  Personally, I welcome the continued operations and maintenance of our existing infrastructure systems (and I'm ecstatic that our forefathers had the audacity to endeavor the integrity of these systems into the fabric of our day-to-day existence).  

Yet at the same time, I recognize continuous innovations and advancements are going to be made regardless of whatever regulatory framework we elect to operate within.  To me, SB 375 is no more harmful to the status-quo than a thunderstorm is to the ocean.

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