Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AB 1975 -- Water Meter Legislation for Multiunit Structures

To various AIA Architects,


I hope to get you opinion on legislation that would require each residential unit in new multiunit residential or mixed-use residential/commercial structures to be metered for water usage.  Specifically, do you think the AIACC should take a position on this bill, either in support or opposition?


Purpose of bill:


The purpose of this bill is to promote water conservation in new multiunit residential developments.


Here is the key language from the bill:


(a) (1) Architectural plans for individual dwelling units in a newly constructed multiunit residential structure or a mixed-use residential and commercial structure for which the application for a building permit is submitted on or after January 1, 2013, shall include, as a condition for the issuance of the building permit, the installation of either a water meter or a submeter, at the discretion of the water purveyor, to measure water supplied to each individual dwelling unit.


Here are some other key points in the bill:


·         It gives the water purveyor the choice of whether the project uses water meters or submeters.

·         It exempts low-income housing, senior living facilities, time share, and student dormitories from this requirement.

·         Common Interest Developments can not be required to use submeters (they use meters).

·         It exempts a project from this requirement when the requirement is deemed infeasable (to be defined by the Department of Housing and Community Development – HCD).

·         Requires HCD to develop the building standards for meters and submeters.


Here are some points to consider


·         Should the owner or the water purveyor decide whether the project is metered or submetered?

·         Should there be language that requires the water purveyor to choose which type of metering will be required in a timely manner during the entitlement process?

·         Are there advantages to meters or submeters?

·         Does the greater policy issue in this bill matter to the profession?  Does this fall into the category of "tell us what we have to do"?


Link to the Legislation


Thank you for your time in reviewing this issue and responding at your earliest convenience.




Mark Christian, Hon. AIACC

Director of Legislative Affairs

AIA California Council

Direct: 916-642-1708


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