Friday, November 19, 2010

The Tejon Ranch

we need Rail only ikeas!!!  i fought with alison so much cause i hate supporting ikea's in the exurbs.  at least burbank is a decently progressive city so we went to that one a lot during our renovation.  

man i love tejon ranch, so gorgeous!  been there a few times, first trip was my sophomore geology classs.  
they fucking scare me with their jesus love (just look at the cross in that logo - some scary cult shit!).   fuck i hope this place doesnt become cookie cutter sprawl - why is this outcome inevitable? this picture scares me from their "planned development" site: 
 generic ass same house with 2 car garage and a a cul de sac.   they should only allow development here if there are no cars.  like whistler village in canada (which asthetically im not a fan of) a pedestrian village, cars not welcome inside/park on the perimeter.  

i think that we should not allow development on land that has not been developed before.  its so expensive to all of us for them to build here.  the strain on our water/power.  the traffic, the depletion of nature.  they are going to ruin tejon ranch.  

so i think this is the tip of an iceberg representing the death and destruction of life as we now know it

damn if we get a time machine im going to the 70's and buying the dtla arts district up + a few theaters on broadway ahead of delijani.  

thanks for the link.  i wish we could help tejon ranch out.  they probably wont listen to me, but maybe they will take a cue from germany: 

daveed kapoor 323 252 8510 director california architect C32812

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