Monday, April 11, 2011

Call To Action - Support the "Modified Parking Requirement District" Ordinance - (April 28) City Planning Commission

My Dear Friends,

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning is proposing an innovative planning tool, and needs our support to help it through the public process.

The proposed "Modified Parking Requirement District" ordinance [see attached] will provide for some much-needed flexibility with regards to parking requirements through-out the City of Los Angeles.  As we are all well-aware, excessive or mis-aligned parking requirements often impair our ability to have a vibrant, sustainable and healthy city.

The MPRD ordinance will enable greater flexibility so that specific areas of the city can benefit with a more custom-tailored approach to parking regulations.

In my opinion, excessive parking requirements:
1.  prevent sustainable urban in-fill,
2.  drive-up the cost of housing and development in general,
3.  spread thin our neighborhood-serving public amenities, (if you have to walk past a parking lot, then you're walking past a missed-opportunity for it to be something worth walking to!)
4.  encourage excessive driving by making it too easy to find parking,
5.  contribute to environmental degradation, 
6.  increase the heat-island effect, 
7.  and further propel pollutants into our rivers and oceans.

Please make plans to attend the April 28th City Planning Commission meeting to express your support and/ or commentary.  Your guidance will help this planning tool become a real possibility.  At the March 30th public hearing, the opposition came out in full-force.  So that is why it will be helpful to have your support on April 28th when the item advances to the City Planning Commission for further consideration.

For more information, I encourage you to reach out to:
Tom Rothmann
City Planner
Code Studies, Office of Zoning Administration
City of Los Angeles

Very truly yours,

Will Wright
Director of Government & Public Affairs
/ los angeles
A Chapter of
The American Institute of Architects

3780 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90010
213.639.0764  phone
213.639.0767  fax

MPR_complete public notice new.pdf Download this file

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