Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AIA|LA UDC Presents...THE URBAN TRANSFORMATION OF LOS ANGELES - Part Three (11.09.12) - 7pm

AIA|LA Urban Design Committee presents....
- a series of three roundtable discussions -
Wednesday, November 9 (7pm-9pm)
3780 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Please RSVP to Will Wright. Limited Capacity

You are invited join the AIA|LA Urban Design Committee in the third session of an ongoing series of roundtable discussions about the urban transformation of the Los Angeles region. The roundtable provides the forum to debate ideas for how we can more effectively reorganize ourselves as a culture (and our land-uses) to make better use of our most precious resource - open space!

The concern about wasted space in the automobile-centric model is a relatively new topic for us to embrace and validate first. Through a series of open forum meetings and discussions we aim to 'normalize' this subject until it becomes commonly understood - just like the fact that cars using oil cause resource shortages, which in turn can cause international conflict, or that cars burning oil pollute our air... if we talk about our inefficient use of land and urban space because of our dependence on cars, we can link that subconsciously with our congestion problem... and once we'll have that cemented in people's minds, THEN we can begin to find real solutions.

Topics to be discussed include:

1) What urban model & set of organizing principals do we belief would best suit the needs of a changing Los Angeles?

(I include in this the questions of the future of the single family home as predominant form and how we imagine the creation and success of cohesive green/open space. Also included is the question of how the bicycle succeeds as an urban transportation mode and primary element of "complete streets" policies)

2) How do we promote the many economic benefits of a new urban model to the geographically, socially and economically diverse population of Los Angeles?

(One fact being that the cost to operate a car for a year is over $8000. Removing vehicles from use presents opportunities for individuals to apply that money to new transportation modes, as well as other personal choices)

3) What are the social benefits of a city evolved to a new model in which lifestyles are improved, the economy is stronger and streets are truly "complete"?

(and as a follow up ... what aspects of this are attractive to "nimby" and "banana" constituents?)

Very truly yours,

Will Wright
Director of Government & Public Affairs
/ los angeles

A Chapter of
The American Institute of Architects

3780 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90010
213.639.0764  phone
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