Friday, December 2, 2011

Public Comment on Pier S EIR Port of Long Beach

Greetings to all.

Proposers for the GRID Port Modernization project are submitting a Letter of Public Comment with respect to the Proposed Pier S Terminal development.

Also for your review, we are attaching a link of a short three minute video presentation of our Port Modernization project via Youtube.  Please link here and we hope you to become inspired to support or become a part of great uniquely American made vision project!

Attached to this e-mail are PDFs to include:

A Pubic Comment Letter promoting an Environmentally Superior Alternative
Article on SuperDock World Cargo News (June 2009)
Research Paper De-Intermodalization of Southern California Ports (April 2009)
METRANS Transportation research paper - Integrating Inland Ports into the Intermodal Goods Movement System for Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (Feb 2008)
E-mail Distribution PDF 
2001 four year study Texas A&M study Summary on Freight Pipeline Feasibility
Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Resolution Supporting GRID as an Environmentally Superior Alternative
Formal Presentation in 2011 

Thank You,
Dave Alba
Project Designer GRID/ECSTC Systems

A Public Comment Letter Pier S EIR.pdf Download this file

Article World Cargo News June 09.pdf Download this file

De-Intermodalization So Cal Ports.pdf Download this file

Inland Ports Study.pdf Download this file

DISTRIBUTION LIST.pdf Download this file

Texas A&M a Summary TP 642.pdf Download this file

GRID RESOLUTION.pdf Download this file

Formal Event Presentations of GRID 2010.pdf Download this file

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