Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's keep pedaling forward!


I wanted to share with you the some of the results of the efforts of my organization, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, and the dynamic and dedicated cycling community - which many of you are a part of. Please become a member of LACBC and continue to help make LA a more sustainable, equitable, and livable city!

Please forward this email on to folks you know who bicycle and friends who would like to bicycle if they felt the streets were safer. We are working to make LA streets safe and inviting for people ages 8 to 80!

Los Angeles Grabs National Headlines, Help Continue this Momentum

In last week's e-newsletter, we celebrated what had been designated as Bike Week in Los County, and we shared Momentum Magazine's article highlighting Los Angeles and the strides that have been taken to make Los Angeles more bike-friendly over the past few years.

This weekend, we saw the national "newspaper of record" take notice of our bicycling scene in a New York Times article about the increasing acceptance of cyclists on our streets.

Bicycling Magazine then gave Los Angeles a quiet nod of approval by including LA in its annual list ofAmerica's Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities at a respectable #32, citing a stat from our most recent bike count report as one of LA's bicycling claims to fame. (In case you're wondering how LA did last year, it didn't make the list).

In a city known for its car culture, we're pleased to see the rest of the country taking notice of this progress. It was just a few years ago that LA's most recent bike plan was from 1996, CicLAvia seemed like a distant dream, and you probably could count on one hand how many cyclists you saw in a day. This recent recognition of bicycling in Los Angeles is because of people like you that ride your bikes and and support a better, more bike-able Los Angeles.

Let's keep pedaling forward and building this momentum! Become an LACBC member or renew your membership so that we can continue working for you to make Los Angeles County a better place for you to ride. And if you happen to live in a city represented by one of our 10 local chapters, join that chapter at no extra cost.

Being nationally recognized is great and all, but we know there is still so much to be done to make Los Angeles County a truly welcoming place for people who ride bikes. Join us in making this possible!

And remember to live every week like it's Bike Week, Los Angeles!

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