Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dear CLEAN LA Solar Coalition members and supporters:

Thank you for your leadership as a member of the CLEAN LA coalition. We have great news! For the first time ever the GM of the LADWP said last week that  “by the end of the year, LADWP will move forward with approval and implementation of the full FiT program, which will offer 150 MW worth of renewable energy.” Read the article about it in Solar Industry

Los Angeles wouldn’t have this groundbreaking program without the leadership in the City of LA—from the Mayor who initially called for the program, to City Council leader Eric Garcetti who kept the issue alive and championed the FiT program. Of course, Ron Nichols and his excellent staff heading up the FIT program should be congratulated. The pilot program was rolled-out having had a lot of thought put into it.

According the release, the short-listed projects for the LADWP’s 10MW Solar FIT Pilot will undergo interconnection studies in August through September, with final contracts offered and signed in October and November. According to the LADWP staff, in August the shortlist of initial winning projects will be posted with pricing information. We look forward to the full program beginning before 2013 which will power the equivalent of 34,000 homes, create at least 4,500 jobs and generate $500 million in economic activity.

Per previous discussions with Ron Nichols and LADWP, the LADWP FIT pilot was designed to produce a process and price, which the department could use for the 150MW program. The LABC continues to advocate for a reasonable fixed price at the two market segments established by the pilot and evaluate if others are needed. Further, we continue to advocate for an aggressive (MW) implementation schedule that allows participants to take advantage of federal tax credits by 2016—essentially ensuring that all 150MW is made available by 2014.

The LA City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee will be reviewing LADWP’s 10 MW FiT pilot program September 19 (please note the date). Please send us a note with any feedback on why you did or didn’t apply for the initial pilot program to Michelle Garakian at mgarakian@labusinesscouncil.org

LADWP Rates Increase Process

For the past year, the LADWP has hosted a number of community and City Council meetings to discuss the impact of a 10% rate increase over two years. The municipal process to approve or reject this rate increase will take place exclusively through the month of August. The success of the rate increase will fully fund the 150MW Solar FIT program and the increased Energy Efficiency program. The LABC will be present at each meeting to discuss our position relative to the success of the 150MW Solar FIT program and the increased Energy Efficiency goals.  We invite the FIT Coalition to attend and voice support for Solar FIT program. Below are the complete dates and times for each action-oriented meeting.

Important Upcoming Meetings- Please contact Princess Thomas or Michelle Garakian at 310 226 7460 if you can attend the August 7 Board Meeting and testify. Talking points are being developed and will be distributed to attendees by Monday August 6.
  • The LADWP Commission Board will meet on Tuesday, August 15th at 1:30pm to hear and approve 2 year rate plan for water and power.  Please note date and time on your calendar of key council meetings.
  • The City Council Energy and Environment (E2) Committee will meet on Wednesday, August 22nd at 2:00pm and the LADWP will present the 2 year rate plan for an action vote.
  • If the E2 vote is successful, the full City Council will convene on August 29th at 9:00 a.m. to vote to support or reject the LADWP 2 year rate plan for water and power.   
Thank you for your continued support for the CLEAN LA Solar Program.

We are happy to announce that we recently launched the LABC Institute website. Please take a look and let LABC Communications Director Adam Jacobson know what you think at ajacobson@labusinesscouncil.org 


Mary Leslie, Michelle Garakian and Princess Thomas

Los Angeles Business Council
(310) 226-7460 

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