Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Measure J needs a 2/3 majority

Measure J needs a 2/3 majority vote to pass on Nov. 6, so we urge you to SEND THE ATTACHED FLYER – please add your logo (if you want to) – to friends, colleagues, and/or your membership, asking them to vote YES on Measure J when they go to the polls.

The Measure J coalition, like that of its predecessor Measure R but even bigger, is astonishing in its breadth, depth and diversity -- encompassing all Move LA’s business-labor-environmental coalition partners as well as community and public health groups, and cities and elected officials: from the LA Area Chamber of Commerce to the Los Angeles Dodgers, from the LA/OC Building Trades to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, from Move LA to the American Lung Association, from the Sierra Club to NBC Universal. See the whole list at

Measure J has also won endorsements from ALL 9 MAJOR LA COUNTY NEWSPAPERS because it is, as the LA Times wrote, “a win for transit, the economy and the future of LA County.”

COALITIONS CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS WHEN THEY ACT TOGETHER. This election provides us with that opportunity again.

All Measure J questions can be aswered at

Thank you for your support,

Denny Zane

Executive Director

Move LA

310-310-2390 x101


Yes on Measure J4Jobs Oct 31 flyer.pdf Download this file

Yes on Measure J4Jobs joint logo flyer.docx Download this file

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