Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank you for supporting Measure J!


OUR WORK IS NOT DONE                                                  

Measure J captured 64.7 percent of the vote in LA County, falling just short of the two-thirds super-majority threshold required to pass. Only in California is 65 percent a defeat instead of a landslide victory!

At Move LA we are confident that with the amazing coalition of business, labor, environmental, faith and community groups that endorsed Measure J and with the backing of 65 percent of the voters, this is only a temporary setback to accelerating Measure R. We want to thank all of you who worked hard in support of Measure J – by endorsing, getting word out through your organizations and networks, speaking publicly, voting for AB 1446, and contributing financially.

Please remember that we made tremendous strides with the 30-10 Plan when our coalition convinced a highly partisan Congress to dramatically expand the federal TIFIA loan program. This alone will accelerate some of the Measure R projects. However, our work is not done and with your help we will find the way to accelerate all the projects and bring the promised jobs and traffic relief to Los Angeles.

All of us at Move LA want to thank you for all you did to support Measure J.


Denny Zane, Marlene Grossman, Marisa Garcia, Gloria Ohland, Beth Steckler, Jerard Wright

Move LA

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