Thursday, March 7, 2013

LA City Billboard and Visual Landscape Visioning Group

Visioning Group members,

We're looking forward to seeing you for our third and final meeting on Thursday! Attached are the notes from our most recent meeting, along with other input we received during and after the meeting. The attached PDF includes:

- Notes on your input from the three discussion rounds
- Notes on public comments at the close of the meeting
- Compilation of Post-It Notes posted in the Rotunda lobby
- E-mails and letters we received after the meeting
- A study, forwarded by Jacqueline Kerr, on digital signs and traffic safety

The PDF is bookmarked to help you navigate through it. 

The meeting this Thursday will be from 9 am - 11 am in the same place, City Hall room 525, Rotunda Conference Room. Since the meeting will be during regular business hours, we unfortunately won't have free refreshments for you, but there is a cafe on the 2nd floor where you can get coffee, pastries, etc. If you need parking and have not already sent me your car information, please do so by noon tomorrow (Wednesday). 

Thanks very much, and see you Thursday!

Daisy Mo
City Planning Associate
City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning
200 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Meeting 2 Notes and Other Input.pdf Download this file

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