Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SB 1185 implementing ordinance

Today at P.L.U.M., the implementing ordinance for SB1185 was approved.  This will bring the City into compliance with State Law, and will serve as a step towards economic stability by extending the deadline for tentative tract maps that perhaps had been approved, but whose projects perhaps have encountered difficulty in financing as a result of the current credit crunch.  SB 1185 has been designed with the premise that although certain projects may have stalled at present, that once our economy has recovered, these projects should be able to transition forward as smoothly as possible.

The City of LA SB1185 implementing ordinance will amend sections 17.07 and 17.56 of Los Angeles Municipal Code to: (1) lengthen the life of subdivision map approvals that expire on or after July 15, 2008, and before January 1, 2011, by one year; (2) lengthen the allowable extension time of all subdivision maps by an additional year in perpetuity; and (3) lengthen the life of other entitlements related to qualified subdivision map approvals by one year.

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