Monday, March 22, 2010

ACTION ALERT: Crucial Renewables and Energy Efficiency Vote this Week at City Council

ACTION ALERT: Crucial Renewables and Energy Efficiency Vote this Week at City Council
Tuesday March 23, 9:40 - 1pm 
WHEN: This Tuesday, March 23rd (9:40AM-1PM)
WHAT: The Los Angeles City Council will make the first of two votes on the recently proposed Renewable Energy Trust Fund. On Tuesday, Council will assert jurisdiction through S245 of the charter. As soon as Wednesday, the issue will be discussed in Energy and Environment. The final vote could then come as soon as Thursday. Tuesday will be the first opportunity to speak out in front of Council and we're encouraging people to come down to Council then to argue in support of the proposal.
BACKGROUND: As you may know, last Monday, the Mayor proposed a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Trust Fund. For the first time, the city would have a permanent fund for renewables and energy efficiency. It will raise as much as $180 million annually. Additionally, the funding will be tied directly to a long term resource plan that will phase out coal over the next ten years. The City Controller's office will have oversight to ensure that investments are made wisely and that there is accountability. The fund will be capitalized by a portion of a rate increase recommended for DWP by a city council-sponsored report. The proposal will help create 18,000 new jobs, while investing critical funding in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The DWP Board of Commissioners approved the proposal last Thursday.
The rate increases we are threatened with are largely due to fossil fuels. By ensuring that rates are tiered to usage and that energy conservation programs are funded, the proposal will moderate the impact on bills to low-income households and those most impacted by rising rates. 

We know what the consequences of inaction will be for the people of Los Angeles: deadly summer heat waves, wildfire frequency and intensity due to climate change, and polluted air and water across the Southwest from our dirty coal-fired power plants.

City Council needs to hear that smart energy/climate policy, job creation, and economic development go hand in hand. Please come this Tuesday - the City Council needs to hear from you
PARKING: Call any councilmember's office Monday to arrange for free parking in the Angeles St. garage (just south of Temple St.).

QUESTIONS: Please contact Evan Gillespie from the Sierra Club at (213) 387-6528 x215 for questions or comments. 

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