Monday, April 26, 2010

You are invited: Measure R Full Council Meeting WEDNESDAY 10am, not Tuesday

Thank you for your support thus far!

Measure R local return will be discussed in full City Council on Wednesday, April 28th at 10am, NOT Tuesday.  We need to have cyclists, pedestrians and supporters out in full force to ensure that the full City Council passes the proposal.  Measure R will ensure that we have money for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on our streets next year.   It's important that we (LOOK AT CONSTANT CONTACT)

The item is number 8 on the agenda, so don't worry too much if you're running late.

Here's your chance to be a major part of making safer streets for bicyclists and pedestrians.

What: Measure R 10% Full Council Meeting
When: Wednesday, April 18th, 10am
Where: Council Chambers, 200 N. Spring St. LA 90012, Room 340

Talking Points for Wednesday:
  • There are numerous economic benefits to bicycling and walking. Biking and walking promote commerce and economic vitality of a city.
  • There are thousands of ready-to-go projects in Los Angeles.  LADOT has the list.
  • It is time to start giving cyclists and pedestrians their fair share of funding.
  • The future of sustainable transportation for our city relies on the implementation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.
  • There are more and more people bicycling and walking.  Thus we need more dedicated funding streams for bicycle and pedestrian projects.
  • There are thousands of shovel-ready projects that rely on this dedicated funding to implement much-needed bike lanes and bike-friendly streets as outlined in the current and proposed Bike Plan.
  • In the report, the language states that there is a 5% for bicyclists and 5% for pedestrians.  We would like it changed back to 10% to allow more flexibility based on need.
  • Cities across the United States are incorporating bicyclists and pedestrians as transportation and LA needs to catch up and include them in the budget.
  • The dedicated set-aside shows that you, our political leaders, are committed to creating a more healthy and livable Los Angeles.
For more background:

If you plan to attend, please e-mail

Dorothy Le | Planning and Policy Director

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

634 S. Spring St. Ste 821, LA, CA 90014

Tel O: 213-629-2142 | C: 424-212-9327

Fax 213-629-2259 |

**LACBC is busy these days, with Earth Month, Bike Month, and various projects.  If you don't hear from me within a week, please feel free to contact me again.***

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