Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Development Reform Recommendations from AIA Los Angeles

Development Reform Recommendations from AIA Los Angeles

In early December, LADBS General Manager Bud Ovrom and Planning Director Michael LoGrande invited AIA|LA to produce a comprehensive set of recommendations to help improve the planning process and development services.  

In turn, the AIA|LA Political Outreach Committee reached out to many in the profession and collated numerous ideas that will help make the overall process more efficient and predictable in effort to save time and money for both the City and its citizens. We believe these planning and development reforms will help the City of Los Angeles remain economically competitive on the global stage by enabling more time to be focused on attaining design excellence.

For a copy of  AIA|LA's letter of recommendations, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Professional Outreach Sessions - Development Services Reform

As many of you already know, the City of Los Angeles has hired a consultant to identify the best way to implement reforms.  They've coordinated several outreach sessions throughout February to solicit additional feedback.

We encourage you to get involved and participate in the discussion.   Please make plans to attend one of the following sessions:

Three Sessions for Professional Outreach to Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety:

Four Sessions for Community Outreach to Los Angeles Department of City Planning:

This is your chance to help the City progress towards a more economically and environmentally sustainable future!

Very truly yours,
Will Wright
Director, Government & Public Affairs
AIA Los Angeles

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