Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Webinar Invite: Becoming a Fit City - Top Opportunities in Healthy, Active Design

Creating Healthy Communities Through Design Webinar
Becoming  a  Fit  City:  Top  Opportunities  in  Healthy,  Active  Design

Wednesday, January 25th   |   2:00-3:30pm EST   |   1.0 CE/CM Unit
Register for the webinar   (https://cc.readytalk.com/r/mknj06xmdd9p)

Webinar  featuring:

Reena Agarwal, NYC Departments of Design + Construction and Health & Mental Hygiene | Branden Born, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington | Mark Plotz, Senior Associate, Project for Public Spaces | Kate Rube, NYC Active Design Program

Are you interested in making your community a ‘Fit City’ by transforming the design  of  your  neighborhoods,  streets,  and  buildings  to encourage people to be  physically  active and healthy? Designing  our  communities  to  encourage  greater  physical  activity and healthier eating and drinking can help counteract  the  most  pressing  health,  environmental,  and  economic  challenges  of  our  time, from  the  epidemics  of  obesity  and  chronic  diseases  like  diabetes,  to  oil  consumption  and  pollution  from  vehicle  use,  to  spending  on  healthcare.

This webinar will feature some of the top ways in which cities and towns can promote Active Design, which encourages walking, bicycling, stair climbing, active recreation and improved access to healthy foods and beverages. Speakers from Washington, DC, King County, Washington, and New York City will discuss some of the most important Active Design changes to consider in your community’s building and design codes, transportation and planning policies, and contract processes, as  well  as  successes  and  lessons  learned  in  
creating  healthier  communities.

For more information about Active Design, see the Active Design Guidelines (www.nyc.gov/adg)

Part  of  a  webinar  series  on  how  to  encourage  active  and  healthy  design.  Past webinars  include:
JUNE 2011: Creating Healthy Communities Through Design
SEPTEMBER  2011:  The  Benefits  of  Active  Design  for  Business  &  Real  Estate  Development
Webinar recordings and presentations available

For  details  on  upcoming  webinars  or  other  information,
 please  contact  Kate  Rube:  
Session  eligible  for  1  CE  /  CM  Unit  through  co-sponsorship  with AIANY  and  the  APA  Metro


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