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Rail~Volution 2012 Call for Speakers Open!

Call for Speakers

Rail~Volution 2012

October 14-17, 2012
Building Livable Communities with Transit

Los Angeles, CA

Rail~Volution is a national movement: It is a transformation in the way we live, led by people from all perspectives dedicated to creating healthy, economically vibrant, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable communities with transit.

Rail~Volution is an event, a network, and an organization: Since 1995, it has been a driving force in the livability movement. Every year, people come together in a transit-rich community to participate in workshops, charrettes, networking events and toolbox sessions. Last year in Washington, DC, over 1,100 people attended.

Rail~Volution 2012 is in Los Angeles, California: The Los Angeles metropolitan area provides a showcase of transportation and livability choices and challenges applicable to communities across the nation, including fully integrated bus and core rail systems, communities rekindled by transit-oriented design, and a successful county funding measure, allowing Metro to nearly double its existing rail and rapid transit system.  The region's diversity, both in terms of demographics and types of communities being transformed, provides a glimpse into the future for other US regions and cities of all sizes.    

Rail~Volution 2012 is seeking speakers:  We want the people who will lead the movement -- people who can best share the stories that will educate, provoke and inspire conference attendees through toolbox sessions, panel presentations, and workshops.  We are calling on a wide range of speakers with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, whose work supports and furthers our mission of building livable communities with transit.

If you are one of those people, we want to hear from you!

Proposal Deadline: March 30, 2012.

Call DetailsThis year we are focusing on three categories for more than 60 sessions: Rail~Volution Fundamentals, In-Depth Topics and New Ideas. We are seeking speakers representing a broad array of private firms and public agencies, and non-profits and disciplines ranging from transit and development to advocacy and government.

  • Rail~Volution Fundamentals: these are topics that are at the heart of building livable communities with transit.  We want speakers who are experts in their fields and can communicate basic concepts using original examples in a variety of settings, on different scales and in a range of situations
  • In-Depth Topics: this is a place where speakers can delve deep into subject matter, bringing in-depth examples to life and crafting them into useful, meaningful lessons
  • New Ideas: this category provides the opportunity for speakers to address urgent and timely topics, such as job creation, energy and the economy, as well as the next evolving problems we need to solve

Visit today to read the full Call for Speakers description and submit a proposal to speak!

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