Thursday, February 9, 2012

URGENT: Call your reps TODAY to save transit, bike & ped funds

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 ACTION ALERT!                      February 9th, 2012

Urgent Action Alert from TransForm

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The House version of the federal transportation bill is awful... and must be stopped.

All across the country, people are calling Washington today to send a message: cutting designated transit, bicycle and pedestrian funding is not an option. Take two minutes to help us overwhelm the House now.

We knew the House of Representative's version of the draft federal transportation bill would be bad. But we never thought it would be this bad.

Their draft bill, HR 7, would eliminate all dedicated bicycle and pedestrian programs.

It gets worse. The House Ways and Means Committee is now trying to force all the revenue from gas taxes to be used only for roads. For decades transit has received about 20% of fuel tax receipts, meaning billions in guaranteed funding for buses, trains, and ferries. Without these funds, transit would have to go begging before Congress for general funds each year.

HR 7 is a far cry from the bipartisan, transportation choices-friendly Senate version of the bill authored by California's Senator Boxer. Almost everyone hates HR 7, except big oil, the trucking industry, and sprawl developers.

So let's stop HR 7 in its tracks. Today, as part of the Transportation For America campaign, thousands of people across the country are calling their Congress members and telling them to oppose HR 7. 

We have a script and way for you to quickly look up your House member

Please take two minutes and help bring sanity back to the federal transportation bill debate.

Thanks for helping us send a strong message from across the country,

Marta Lindsey
Communications Director
TransForm 436 14th Street, Suite 600, Oakland, CA 94612

510.740.3150 x321   
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