Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From Move LA: Something easy and fun to show support for Measure R Extension

Here’s something fun to do and share with friends, courtesy of CityWatch LA.   

Vote on this poll located at the upper right corner of the webpage with the following question, (click on the question to follow the link); “Do you support the Mayor's plan to extend the Measure R 1/2 cent sales tax?” (link)  Below are 17 excellent reasons to support extending Measure R with no sunset.

Let’s fill up the CityWatch’s ballot box.

Have fun and thanks for your continued support.

Great Reasons
To Ask Voters to Extend Measure R with No Sunset this November

Why Accelerate Measure R Projects?
1.      To accelerate project completion:  Longer revenue stream will enable Metro to accelerate 12 major transit and 16 highway projects – reducing the 30-year build-out schedule to 10 years.
2.      Accelerate creation of several hundred  thousands of jobs – over the next ten years jobs we desperately need now!
3.      Reduce project construction costs because we can avoid twenty years of inflation.
4.      Accelerate LA County’s improved economic competitiveness for long term prosperity.
5.      Accelerate enhanced connectivity within the transit system for better service, more riders to more destinations.
6.      Accelerate congestion relief throughout the county.
7.      Accelerate improved air quality throughout the region.
8.      Accelerate greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Why is “No Sunset” Better?
9.      To enable completion of Measure R projects that need more funding and to enable planning for future projects.
10.  Reliable revenue means better planning. Future generations will have predictable resources to meet the needs of an increased population. 
11.  Ensure continuity of operating funds. Removing the sunset will ensure operating revenue is continuous, like Prop A & C, avoiding any future operating crisis.  

Why Do This Now?
12.  Because We Need it Now!!
·         Unemployment in LA County is 11.6 %. 
·         Local unemployment in construction trades is near 40%.
·         Accelerated infrastructure is the best way to jump start our economy in the near term and sustain it in the long term.
·         Congestion is now very severe and growth will make it worse.
13.  Because We Can Win Now!!
·         Broad coalition is in place!
·         Polling is excellent – voters are ready!
·         Presidential election turnout always helps!
·         We have Momentum!! 

Is it fair to future generations? Yes!
14.  Measure R transit projects will serve multiple generations.  A Measure R extension will allow future residents to share the cost as well as the benefits of measure R projects.
15.  Future generations will avoid operating cost crisis because Measure R operating funds will not sunset.
16.  Future leaders will have the resource as well as the flexibility to meet new future needs. The proposed Measure R extension does not commit all its funds to projects.
17.  The rail transit system is less costly to operate than the bus transit system on a per passenger mile basis.  Thus, enhancing the rail system will create less upward pressure on transit fares than comparable enhancements to the bus system.

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