Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Soliciting Ideas for "Laws That Shaped LA"

My dear Angelenos,

A colleague of mine is working on a series of news articles for KCET about "Laws That Shaped LA" and he asked me to forward this request onwards.  If you have anything to contribute, please feel free to contact Jeremy directly.  You can mention that I shared his request with you.

-Will Wright


I write a weekly column called the "Laws That Shaped LA."

The columns, which post to KCET online, are archived here:

Each week, I ask an expert to nominate a law that has made a significant impact on contemporary Los Angeles. I then ask the expert to then explain its significance.

These laws could be international, federal, state, county or city laws. They could be ordinances or codes. They could have been, in the expert's view, malevolent or wonderfully positive. They could be civil or criminal. They could be about any subject -- the built environment, labor, civil rights, economics, transportation, ecology, public safety, public health, etc.

The only common denominator? That each law included in the column series can reasonably be said to have made a significant difference here in Los Angeles.

I'm seeking to interview folks -- either by phone, in-person or via email. Obviously, with each law there will be various specific questions, but generally speaking the basic questions I have are:

1. What specific law or laws do you nominate as making such a difference?

2. How and why does that specific law or laws matter?

3. What might L.A. be like without that law?

I look forward to hearing from folks interested in participating. My various contact information follows my signature.

Thank you, and best,

Jeremy Rosenberg
 (Freelance columnist, "Laws That Shaped LA")

323 620 9202 

Will Wright, Hon. AIA|LA
Director of Government & Public Affairs
AIA | Los Angeles 

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The American Institute of Architects

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