Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stop Sequestration Cuts and Save California Jobs

Dear California State Senators, Assembly Members, and Interested Stakeholders,

Please find the attached letter, Stop Sequestration Cuts and Save California Jobs, addressed to United States Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, urging their leadership to pass legislation to avert the fiscal year 2013 sequestration cuts and find a balanced, bipartisan and long-term budget compromise that protects California and the nation going forward

To find out more about the impact of looming sequestration cuts on our local, regional, and statewide economy, visit www.lajobsdefensecouncil.com. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions you might have about this critical issue. 



Colin Maynard

Public Relations Director, LAEDC

Phone: (213) 236-4845

Email: colin.maynard@laedc.org

Stop Sequestration Cuts and Save California Jobs.pdf Download this file

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  1. You have the biggest Marine Corps base and Naval base in your state. Stop playing games!!! I would suggest that if the cuts are across the board, then of course EVERYONE should feel the pain to include Senators and Congressmen. So in my view if a cut is mandatory, then any redistricting of congressmen that allowed for additional appointments should be cut. If California had 50 congressmen, 10% reduction would equal 5 congressmen losing their seats without replacement or until a budget gets passed. This would also mean that the remaining 45 would have to represent the addition constituents in those districts. If you expect federal workers to take up the slack with reduced hours and staffing then you should do the same. The Senate on the other hand because of the law is required to have two per state. In this instance, one would have to be a silent partner in that their vote counts but any dealing with constituents is forbidden until a budget is passed. The one Senators pay will be limited to the day they actually vote all other pay will be suspended until a budget is passed.

    The President can do a security drill that tests the functionality of government in a higher security environment. No special intrest groups are allowed access to any government official at the capital. No external communication is allowed in or out. The test... pass a budget and the drill is over once the budget has passed. The justification is to test whether or not government can function in the event a EMP pulse was detonated that took all forms of electronic communication out.