Thursday, September 13, 2012

Real estate developers on the business of smart growth

Video: David Grannis
“The beauty of smart growth is that it’s actually happening everywhere,” says Point C Managing Partner and LOCUS Steering Committee member David Grannis. “Downtown [Los Angeles] is much more economically viable than it was twenty years ago. It is a destination. It is a place to be, a place to live. I believe—and this to me is what LOCUS is really all about—that good policy follows good practice.”
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Video: Michael Lander
"Creating new transportation options and other ways to move around is critical to creating good urban places,” says Michael Lander, President of the Lander Group and LOCUS Steering Committee member. “Our urban residents are looking for green spaces, certainly, open space, transportation connections, and ways to move around in their life to work and to services without using their car.”
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Greenville, SC Market Street in Roanoke, VA
Growth that benefits all residents on Greenville, SC’s West Side

Greenville, South Carolina’s West Side is growing rapidly, and planners in the city are using a comprehensive plan to make sure that growth creates better neighborhoods for all area residents.

“The West Side is adjacent to downtown so it has a lot of potential,” says Greenville planner Wayne Leftwich. “Growth is heading this way, with a lot of interest from potential developers in this area, and we want to make sure that when these things happen, they’re not disconnected from current residents.”

Don’t call it a comeback: the rebirth of downtown Roanoke, VA

Located along the Roanoke River in a valley between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, Roanoke, VA in many ways embodies the idyllic beauty of southern Virginia.

Now, new investments and redevelopment of former brownfields are part of a robust revitalization effort in downtown Roanoke. Roanoke is changing and people are noticing.

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