Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Department of Regional Planning - Technical Update - Division 6

The Department of Regional Planning is in the process of updating Title 22, the Zoning Code.  This project, the Technical Update to Title 22, will reorganize and simplify the existing code, correct errors and omissions, and remove obsolete and redundant regulations.  There will be no modifications to land use regulations or development standards. 

The draft for Division 6 – Standards for Specific Uses is available for public review and has been uploaded to the Department’s website at

Division 6 consolidates specific uses that have additional or unique development or application processing standards.  Specific uses that have more restrictive development standards, such as larger setbacks, or use standards, such as a larger lot or a limitations on operation, have been centralized into this Division.  Likewise, specific uses that have different application standards, such as an increased notification radius or specific findings for approval, are also included into Division 6.  Specific uses covered by this Division include automobile dismantling yards, alcohol sales, guest houses, second units and outdoor storage.

We welcome and encourage your comments.  Please send your comments to us directly at by March 27, 2012.  This Division will be presented to the Regional Planning Commission as a discussion item (no vote) on March 28, 2012 at 9 a.m.  After the Regional Planning Commission has reviewed all sections of the Technical Update, the entire document will be brought to the Regional Planning Commission for a public hearing. 

We will be forwarding you sections of the Technical Update every two months over the next year.  You have received this announcement because of your previous interest in Regional Planning projects.  Since the Technical Update will be applicable countywide, please feel free to inform other interested parties of this project.                           

If you would like to be removed from this list, please respond with "remove" in the subject line.


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