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Action Alert - Call your Legislator on AB 710

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August 2, 2011
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Call your State Senator and urge support for AB 710
Dear Infill Builder,

Right after August 15, the State Senate will vote on AB 710, the Infill Builders and Nancy Skinner (Berkeley) bill to reduce minimum parking requirements near transit.  This landmark legislation will lower the cost of transit-friendly market-rate and affordable development.  It will facilitate walking, biking, and transit use. And it also will advance the greenhouse gas reduction goals of SB 375.    

Earlier this summer, the bill passed the Assembly floor and Senate committee with unanimous approval thanks to incredible support from infill builders like you, environmental advocates such as NRDC, affordable housing advocates including the California Housing Consortium and even UCLA parking guru Don Shoup. 

Now, we are in the home stretch, and we need your help!  The coalition pulling for AB 710 is strong and growing, but there is a mounting threat from special interests who see a personal benefit from dysfunctional parking rules.   We need to set the record straight and bring common sense back to California’s land-use policies.

Assemblymembers and Senators from across California told us that your calls made a difference in the votes on AB 710 so far.  Your calls to State Senators over the next two weeks can help make California the first state in the nation to tackle outmoded and wasteful parking rules in this way.

View the talking points and bill details below.  Call your State Senator by August 15th and urge his/her support on AB 710 to make a difference.


We urge you to please call your State Senator any time before August 15th and let them know that you want their “yes” vote on AB 710.   You can tell them:

  • Urban development is a critical component to the state’s environmental, economic, and public health goals.  
  • Of the many barriers to urban development, excessive parking requirements are the most costly and burdensome  
  • Urban development often requires less than the traditional parking required in single-use districts.  
  • This is due to the proximity of housing, jobs and schools in transit-rich areas.
  • AB 710 would decrease the minimum parking requirements in these specific areas, thereby increasing project feasibility and lowering project costs.
  • You would like their support for AB 710 on the Senate Floor.

Thank you for helping make AB 710 a reality and making more walkable, sustainable, and affordable development possible in California’s transit-rich areas. 


If you need assistance finding your State Senator or your Senator's Sacramento office phone number, please go to:


AB 710 will spur job development in the construction industry, promote urban development, reinforce California’s competitiveness for federal transportation dollars, and support the implementation of SB 375.

The real focus of AB 710 is to provide for the development of residential and commercial units on small lots in urbanized areas, near established transit corridors.

The development of these small lots is beneficial to our communities and environmentally preferred, but more expensive than traditional development. AB 710 mitigates this increased cost requirement by decreasing the cost from excessive parking requirements – requirements not originally meant for small lots in urban settings.

These smaller urban lots require less dedicated parking space than other types of developments. In most cases, this is due to the number of and convenience of other transportation options and the proximity of housing to employment, schools, and commercial establishments.

Urban development is a critical component to the state’s environmental, economic, and public health goals. AB 710 helps the state reach all of these goals.

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