Monday, September 12, 2011

Bike Parking Ordinance Goes to PLUM Tomorrow, September 13 (2pm)

Dear friends & allies, 

As I mentioned yesterday evening the City of LA's Planning and Landuse Committee will be hearing the draft bicycle parking ordinance this coming Tuesday, Sept. 13th at 2:30pm. This ordinance only effects new developments and existing buildings undergoing an addition of space. 

If you can submit a support letter by Monday, September 12th at 5pm to Councilmembers Reyes, Krekorian, and Huizar and cc me it would be greatly appreciated. 

I have attached a draft support letter for you to use - feel free to alter it to suit your organization. I've also attached a fact sheet from the Planning Department, but there's not a lot of info there so I've included some highlights below:

- This ordinance requires both short-term and long-term parking for all uses from 3-unit Multifamily up to Industrial. 

- uses as small as 1,000 sq ft and up are required to provide bicycle parking. See the table on page B-5 and B-6 of the pdf 

- It provides design and siting guidelines (pages B-8 through B-13) and it is my understanding that the planning department is already developing a visual guide to help developers and building inspectors to ensure good parking is provided.

Parking Swap for Commercial uses:
     - New or existing automobile parking spaces required by code for all nonresidential uses may be    replaced by bicycle parking at a ratio of one automobile parking space for every four bicycle parking
spaces provided. Up to 20% of car parking can be swapped.  
     - Nonresidential projects within 1.500 feet of a major bus center. major bus route, or mass transit station may replace up to 30% of the required automobile parking spaces with bicycle parking. 

Parking Swap for Residential uses:
    - New or existing automobile parking spaces required by code for residential buildings as defined by may be replaced by bicycle parking at a ratio of one automobile parking space for every four bicycle parking spaces provided. Up to 10% can be replaced. 
than 10 percent of the required automobile parkina spaces for
   - Residential projects or buildings located within 1.500 feet of a major bus center, major bus route, or mass transit station as defined may replace up to 15% of the required auto parking spaces with bicycle parking. 
    - If a residential building has applied for and received a density bonus under Section 12.22 A.25.
30 percent of the reguired automobile parking may be replaced with bicycle parking.

You can view the full ordinance here.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Thanks so much for your support! 

Alexis Lantz

On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 6:17 PM, Alexis Lantz <> wrote:
Dear friends & allies, 

I've just received word the City of LA Bike Parking Ordinance will be heading to PLUM Committee next week. I was hoping I'd have more time to prepare, but you know how it goes. The agenda is not posted yet, but you can view the Planning Commission referral to PLUM committee and the ordinance here

You're organization and/or individual support of this new bicycle parking ordinance is needed. If you can attend the meeting please let me know, if you are unable to attend but can send a letter to the members of the committee that would be great! I can provide you with a sample letter of support, just let me know. 

The PLUM meeting will be held at:

The PLUM committee members are: CM Ed Reyes, CM Jose Huizar, and CM Paul Krekorian. 

Thank you so much for supporting bicycle parking, this ordinance will help provide for the many people cycling today and the many more who will be cycling in the future. Requiring new development to provide visible, safe and secure short term, long term, bicycle parking along with providing an option for bicycle corrals and swapping car parking for bicycle parking is a great step forward the City can take to become more bike-friendly, greener, more equitable and sustainable.  

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Alexis Lantz

Planning & Policy Director
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
t: 213.629.2142  /  f: 213.629.2259

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