Monday, February 11, 2013

BizFed-Daily News Mayoral Forum highlights budget challenge facing City of LA

BizFed Leaders:


More than 700 Angelenos turned out Feb. 7 for the BizFed-Daily News LA City Mayoral Candidate Debate (with many more watching it streamed live online at the Northridge-Chatsworht Patch) where the five leading candidates were grilled on the city's finances for more than an hour by moderator Austin Beutner, a former LA City Deputy Mayor and founder of Evercore Partners.

Here are some highlights of media coverage of the debate:

Here’s a link to the CAO’s report released yesterday that was referenced during the debate, which contains the most current budget and deficit numbers.  Also, since several people have asked, attached are the slides Austin used during the debate

As the press coverage demonstrates, BizFed is leading way by focusing attention on the critical fiscal issues the next mayor will face.  Again, THANK YOU to all of the Sponsors, Promoting Partners, volunteers, and staff who made yesterday such a great success!

STAY TUNED in the days ahead for more photos, a video of the event, data, information, how to access it via Time Warner Cable on-demand, and additional details - and, of course, remember to vote on March 5.

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