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INVITE :: AIA|LA Roundtable Discussion on Zoning Code Reform - February 27 (6:00 - 8:00pm) at GENSLER

Please join City Planners Alan Bell and Tom Rothman in a roundtable discussion about the City of Los Angeles' efforts to transform the zoning code into document that will advance health, design innovation and economic vitality for the Los Angeles region.

AIA|LA Roundtable Discussion on Zoning Code Reform
Wednesday, February 27 (6:00pm - 8:00pm)
500 S. Figueroa Street 
Los Angeles CA 90071 
For directions click here.

PLEASE RSVP to WILL WRIGHT at will@aialosangeles.org // LIMITED CAPACITY to the first 30.

Light refreshments will be served thanks to the generosity of Gensler.

AIA|LA Roundtable Discussion on Zoning Code Reform

As you may know, the City of Los Angeles is committed to investing in a process to revise and streamline our outdated zoning code.  This is expected to be a $5 million investment over the next five years.  Although a consulting team has been assembled and their contract pending, there are still many questions to ask as we move forward with this endeavor:
  • If the zoning code is a map of LA's future, what is the narrative we're trying to tell?
  • What is the most effective way to shape the City of LA zoning code reform process?
  • How do we modernize and re-evaluate compatibility of land-uses?
  • What should the zoning code of the 21st century look like?  
  • With the primacy of so many other environmental and fiscal considerations, why do we even need to regulate land-use in the first place?
  • How do we optimize economic development opportunities?
  • How do we incentivize design innovation?
  • How do we ensure equitable and accessible placemaking?
Your leadership and participation is highly encouraged to discuss questions like these and more.

Alan Bell
Tom Rothman
Michael LoGrande
Chava Danielson
Liz Falletta
James Favaro
David Grannis
John Kaliski
Hank Koning
Larry Kosmont
Mitch Menzer
Neal Payton
Gwynne Pugh
Stephanos Polyzoides
Roger Sherman
Bill Roschen
Peter Zellner
and more.... (RSVP and I will add/remove your name on the list)

NOTE:  Since parking will not be validated, we recommend to either RIDE METRO or park in the garage for the LA Central Library (entrance located at 524 S. Flower) for $8 flat rate after 4pm.

BACKGROUND from the Department of City Planning ::

The last time the City of Los Angeles did a comprehensive revision was when t
he current Zoning Code was first adopted in 1946.  It has since grown from an 84-page pamphlet to a 600+ page book does not reflect our 21st Century needs or vision.

The proposal will result in a new Zoning Code that:
  • Establishes clear & predictable language
  • More effectively implements the Goals & Objectives of the General Plan and Community Plans
  • Offers a wider variety of zoning options that protect and/or enhance our communities
  • Reflects the diversity of Los Angeles and allows each neighborhood to maintain a distinct sense of place
  • Accommodates the City’s current and future needs
  • Improves the built environment, economic vitality, & quality of life
  • Is an economic development tool that will help shore up the City’s tax base
The work program includes an enhanced public participation strategy that will include many opportunities for public involvement and feedback.  Our Department is committed to an open and transparent process that ensures that all stakeholders are given the opportunity to participate and contribute to the new land use and development standards.

The project will not: 1) override any existing Specific Plans or Overlays; or 2) result in the wholesale "up-zoning" of the City.  Although changes will eventually be pursued in order to implement the new Zoning Code, the proposed work program does not include any amendments to the current Zoning designations.  Any future changes will include notifications and public hearings.


Below is a link to the Council File for the proposal.  It includes copies of the Department's funding request which outlines the proposed work program and budget plan, as well as other reports and comments submitted to date.

Council File No. 12-0460

very truly yours,

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Director, Government and Public Affairs
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