Thursday, January 24, 2013

CEQA Working Group Post- State of the State Statement

CEQA Working Group Coalition:

This morning in the Governor’s State of the State address, he specifically called out CEQA modernization as a key priority. We have issued a coalition press statement to thank him for those comments and reinforce our commitment to working together to make that happen.

His statement was as follows: “We also need to rethink and streamline our regulatory procedures, particularly the California Environmental Quality Act. Our approach needs to be based more on consistent standards that provide greater certainty and cut needless delays.” Governor Jerry Brown, State of the State, 1/24/13

The full coalition statement is attached.

We’ve crafted a few sample tweets for you that link to our statement, and encourage you all to tweet it this morning.

Sample Tweets:

·         Thanks to @JerryBrownGov for his support of #CEQA modernization. We’re committed to working together to get this done. #CASOTS

·         #CEQA modernization is vital to CA’s success and thank you to @JerryBrownGov for his statements in support. #CASOTS

Thank you for your help,


Amanda Frew

Bicker, Castillo & Fairbanks

1121 L Street, Suite 803

Sacramento, CA 95814

01-24-13 React to State of State.pdf Download this file

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