Monday, January 28, 2013

Documents from Today's Mobility Element Update Task Force Meeting

Mobility Element Task Force Members,

We thank those of you who attended and participated in today's informative discussion at the Mobility Element Task Force meeting. Please find the following materials attached:

1. Handout from Norm Emerson's presentation on federal and state transportation funding trends and opportunities;

2. PDF of Bob Grandy's presentation on internal funding options; 

3. List of potential next steps proposed at the close of the meeting; and 

4. List of organizations represented at today's meeting.

The Mobility Element Team is examining how to incorporate the takeaways from today's meeting into our policy document and next steps. We hope you will continue to participate in the Mobility Element process - please see and comment on our proposals for the Transit-Enhanced Network, ped enhancements, Bicycle-Enhanced Network and draft project list (forthcoming) on our website, Please contact Claire Bowin (213-978-1213) if you have follow-up thoughts from today's meeting or questions.


Jane Choi 
Los Angeles Department of City Planning
Citywide Planning Section
200 N. Spring Street, Room 667
Los Angeles, CA  90012

Mobility Element Task Force 5 Next Steps & Attendees.pdf Download this file

LA Mobility Element Task Force 5 Presentation FP Bob Grandy.pdf Download this file

LA Mobility Element Task Force 5 Presentation Norm Emerson.pdf Download this file

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