Friday, October 14, 2011

ACTION ALERT: Sign up to comment on PUC Energy Program Funding TODAY!

Dear ClimatePlan partners and allies - 

This session, the legislature failed to reauthorize the public goods charge which places energy efficiency, sustainability and climate change programs across the state at risk. In particular, it is likely that the programs and research that makes the connections between land use and energy will be cut. We've worked hard to keep land use at the forefront to ensure that we meet our sustainability goals – and if programs and research on land use do not continue, it would be a blow to efforts to meet our sustainability goals.

Each of these programs is attached to PUC rulemakings – the ones we need to send comments about are: R. 11-05-005; R.11-03-012; R.10-05-004; R.10-05-006; R.09-11-014; R. 08-06-024; Application (A).11-07-008. To review each of these rulemakings in detail, click here to access the Order Instituting Rulemaking, which lists out the rulemaking number and program. 

To keep these programs in place, PUC needs to hear from us. To send comments to PUC about funding for the energy/land use programs, you need to join their service list today! Send an email to with: your name, name of your organization, address, phone number, and email address and state that you want "PARTY STATUS" for each of these rulemakings: R. 11-05-005; R.11-03-012; R.10-05-004; R.10-05-006; R.09-11-014; R. 08-06-024; Application (A).11-07-008. Initial comments are due on October 20th but if you want your comments considered, you need to sign up for the service list today! We'll follow up next week with an email reminder and suggested talking points for your comments.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me or send me an email at


Chanell Fletcher
Program Associate
510-740-3150 ext. 307

Addressing the land use decisions that shape our climate and our lives.

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