Friday, October 14, 2011

AIA|LA UDC & Townhouse Dev. Hollywood

Hi Erick,

I hope you'll be at next Wednesday's AIA Urban Design Committee meeting. 

Gerhard Meyer mentioned Townhouses as one alternative housing model but that it is not present here as stand-alone housing. I agree with him that it would be something that should be in the mix.  I had mention a "townhouse" project in Hollywood. It is called the Gatsby and the units are sold as single family residences. Would you know much about 'how' these were processed or if the 'fall' within the current codes. It is definitely more a question of their process and lad-use than architecture. 

Here are two links regarding the developer, etc,

I put a call into M2A Architects but have not heard back.

The  photos attached are from a few days ago. 

Otherwise I hope al lis going well and that I'll see you next week. 

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