Thursday, October 27, 2011

LA City Solar Zoning Ordinance: PLUM Date


The Los Angeles Solar
 Ordinance was approved at the October 13th City Planning Commission hearing and will be heard by PLUM (the Planning and Land Use Committee of the City Council) on November 1. 

PLUM Meeting Details:
Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 2:30 pm
Los Angeles City Hall, Room 350
200 N Spring Street
Los Angeles, 90012

The ordinance underwent a few changes after the CPC hearing, including: (1) All Solar Structures on flat roofs may rise 15' above building height, but in the R1 zone must be for the purpose of shading habitable rooftop decks or rooftop car parking. Structures on all other roof types can rise up to 3' above the building height. (2) Up to 25% of required open space may be shaded by a Solar Structure (currently, all required open space must be open to the sky.) 

The initial staff report and proposed 
 (without the aforementioned changes) is available online here.

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Deborah Kahen
City of Los Angeles | Code Studies
Department of City Planning
deborah.kahen@lacity. org | 213 978 1202
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